Gayfarmer is a club for agrarian gay men and women

In an agrarian and rural environment people are more connected to their farm, their neighbours and their village.
It is difficult to distance yourself from the people around you, when it is clear that you are different from how they would expect you to be.
A "coming out" in the rural world is therefore more difficult.
The Gay Farmer Club is there to help you to be proud of who and what you are.
You meet people who went through the same situation, who can give you useful tips and encouraging words.

As a gay man or woman you can't live your life the way your parents and everyone around you does.
You have to find your own way.
That can be an odd idea: together with a (girl-)friend on your farm, your partner in another job, your partner helping you on the farm, or otherwise?
At Gay Farmer you meet people who found their own way of life, each one in his or her own direction.
There are so many options. You can discover your possibilities and most of all: you can choose your own way of life yourself.

Besides that Gayfarmer can become a club where you meet friends.
It is friendly and sociable. People with the same feelings and background as you.
For an agrarian gay person the ideal club to join!